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The educational experience of a lifetime!

Send your child to study in the United Kingdom, safe in the knowledge that they will be cared for, nurtured and supported by a member of our team.

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We offer professional guardianship services for Plymouth College, Plymouth and Mount Kelly School, Tavistock, offering your child places to stay in Plymouth during half term and exeat weekends.

As you will be aware, as a parent sending your minor (child aged under 18) to a UK boarding school, you are legally required to appoint a professional guardian, a person or company within the UK who is able to assist the school in determining care for your child in an emergency.

Unlike many of the major companies who offer this service, we offer the fully personalised touch. As parents ourselves, we completely understand the worries and concerns you will have when sending your child overseas for their education.  We offer a range of packages for your child, tailored to their age, needs and previous overseas experience; we can give them as much or as little support as you wish.

Aside from being a liaison between you as parents and the school, we offer your child warmth and encouragement, a friendly smiling face and the care and attention that only a parent can give.  We are also situated close to the school, allowing for a fast response time should it ever be necessary.

The packages we offer can be tailored to your needs, and allow us to offer everything from basic termly visits, to attending parents evenings, school concerts and plays, and even bringing your child's favourite sweets or games when we visit.  We are also able to provide personal airport transfer services for your child to a London airport at the beginning and end of each term.

At this time we are unable to offer host family provision during the school holidays, however we can help with arranging residential activity camps to bridge those gaps.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.  We are here, ready and able to help make your child's educational journey in the UK stress-free, enriching and exciting!